What’s trending in flooring?

Flooring has come a long way with woods and tiles taking up the style. It’s not only the base of your home but the main centerpiece. Flooring has become the most seeking renovation people want to do to their home. Try finding some guide interior trending ideas about flooring. Some of the trending ideas of flooring techniques that have been taking up the market are:


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  1. Rich and dark floors: Some time back it was the trend of light and textured flooring, now its rich and dark that has taken up the market. These dark flooring will make other accessories look prominent. These dark and grey tomes flooring woods are of great quality and give the glamorous look to your home.
  2. Brushed floors: these brushed floorboards are making a trend due to its natural look and attractive texture that is reflected in the wood.
  3. Statement floors: Now days you don’t have to stick to regular flooring. It is the creative statement flooring ideas that are hooking up. You can find all about it in http://guideinterior.com. When people are thinking about interiors flooring has become the top priority. Floors are the strong point in your interiors. Giving it a creative look brings the most of your home.
  4. Cork floors: They have again taken up the market with its resistant to bacteria and sound proofing abilities. With people becoming more concerned about their health they have now moved back to cork floors as it doesn’t absorb dust and give an aristocratic look.
  5. Ceramic floors: People want more of ceramic looks to their kitchen. There are different textures of ceramic and porcelain tiles available that would be perfect for your kitchen.
  6. Chipboard flooring: these are easy to clean as well as it can be perfect for any room.