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The world of music is vast and complicated, but it’s still perfect for music lovers and musicians alike. Staying up to date with what is going on can be hard, if only there was a site that brought you the latest that was going on plus tips and reviews of the latest instruments and equipment to hit the market. Well now there is, welcome to website, home to everything related to music and so much more.




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This site may seem small and it is, but the important thing to note is who exactly is running it in the background. It is run by musician, songwriter and composer Thomas Boxtiger, a man who has loved music from a young age and has turned his passion into his work. It is this same passion that made him start the site, a site where you can find out the latest that is going on in the world of music, along with amazing tips and suggestions that you can find on the blog, and some great reviews. The reviews on are aimed at the latest instruments that have just hit the market along with other equipment too. These reviews are conducted by Thomas himself and are incredibly in depth and written with a type of honesty you don’t find elsewhere. You would be hard pressed to find a detail that he doesn’t hit in these reviews and the whole idea is to make you decision process all the more simple in the end. The blog is another important part of the site, where you can find great posts on suggestions and advice along with great tips for musicians.


So whatever is your reason for looking for a great music site, your first and only stop need be