Know more about Matt Damon

If you go to sites such as   you will see that Matt Damon has an estimated $190 million. He is an actor, producer of films and television, a screenwriter, spokesperson and voice actor. This versatile star was born in 1970 and perhaps is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has numerous awards to his credit and countless nominations as well.


During the course of his career he has managed to get some very lucrative endorsements including Nespresso where it is estimated that for every second of the ad, he was paid $150,000.

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Early Life

Matt is the son of a stockbroker named Kent and an education professor named Nancy. When he was growing, he was a good friend of his distant cousin Ben Affleck. Together they started dabbling with acting. He got his film debut at the age of 18, in Mystic Pizza which is a romantic comedy.


As per and sites such as it, we know that he was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. As per Forbes, he is referred to as one of the most bankable stars as well as the highest grossing actors.


Contribution to society

What most people aren’t aware of except if they check on sites like celebritynetworths    is that Damon founded the H2O Africa Foundation which is the arm of the Running the Sahara expedition and this deals with the charity work. He also is one of the founders of the organization which gets global attention as well as resources to prevent and stop atrocities in Darfur. That organization is known as Not on our watch. He also supports the One Campaign which fights AIDS as well as poverty in various Third World Countries. He is the ambassador for ONEXONE which is a committee which improves and preserves lives of children which are in Canada, the States and around the world.