How opium revenue was impacted because of this plant?

The history of opium is interesting and age old if we see it. Normally when there was a colonial age the British used opium as a source of revenue and at the same time involving indigenous people into the activity where the voices would be less raised against them. Since then opium has been a part of all these countries mainly the south East Asian countries. Thailand and Malaysia to be specific has the major part of its revenue coming from the opium trade only. There is a famous Opium War as well fought. There was one plant which is now legally banned in many South East Asian Country which rivalled the opium and drastically bought down the sale.


Kratom a plant from Cocoa family was rising as the alternative to opium. This change the equation of revenue as the plant is easily available in the Thailand and Malaysia. It is having the medicinal properties as well. Normally people indulged in the labors used to eat its leaves so as the exhaustion level is reduced. This then started to be used as the chronic pain relievers to the problems of sexual related stuff. Opium is a psychotic drugs and kratomĀ also hold the same properties and as such reduced the market of opium. This has created a reversal sell and opium took a hit. This is the reason it is banned in many countries.

In USA many states allow the sale of Kratom and you can buy the same at The variety of the products are present and you can chose one according to your need. The plant is still under the lab observatory readings and as such many states banned it as well. There are not much of the side effects related if consumed in proper dose.