Are you eager to know about the richest celebrities of the world? Well maybe this article will help you to know about them. They are being listed in this article as the richest ones. If you are interested to know more about them you can got to the site That will let you know in brief about the celebrities, their net worth etc.

Names of them




To start with we have the top 10 richest celebrities as for now. Maybe in due time they might change as many new celebrities are also on the show and might get into this chart once. Here are the names of the leading ten celebrities from the world of show biz and popular fields:

  1. George Lucas-$5.1  billion
  2. Dina Merrill- $5 billion
  3. Steven Spielberg- $3.7 billion
  4. Oprah Winfrey- $3.2 billion
  5. Jami Gertz- $2 billion
  6. Paul McCartney- $1.2 billion
  7. JK Rowling- $1 billion
  8. David Copperfield- $900 million
  9. Jerry Seinfeld- $870 million
  10. Jacqueline gold- $r860 million

These are the one we have found according to their net worth evaluation to bet the richest of all.

Know why

Question arises that how are they so rich? We too aspire to be such rich but the answer lies in the fact that there should be the capacity to work as hard as that will help you to get on with the dedication and lead to the world of riches. Nothing is impossible. The celebrities named in the chart are way too devoted towards their work and are very much into their business. So they are excelling in their field and have been able to leave a mark on the world as the richestcelebrities too. We all probably love them for what they have provided us with and will keep on loving them