Creating Content: Online vs. Offline


Online content creation is vastly different from offline content creation. Let’s first define what we mean by the two in this context, then what are the similarities between the two content creations processes.

Online content creation encompasses article writing for websites and blogs, news and magazine website posts, short blog posts by hobbyists and DIYers, tutorials and technical guides about various stuff, and technical writing about anything that’s creating a buzz on the web.

Offline content creation usually means writing articles for magazines, writing novels, literary works like poems and plays, research papers and academic theses, and even writing for the newspaper.

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Although the two disciplines are very different, they both share some qualities. For example, the better you write, the better your chance of success. Even online, where you might feel a content writer can get away by writing cheap (or spun) content, you need high quality content to actually rank because search engines are getting more and more advanced by the day.

Creating online content: speed, attention, and clickbait

Online, it is all about speed, attention, and clickbaits. On the secondary level where things get more professional, it’s about quality, relevance, sharing, and website authority. Nowadays we also have professional websites like that can create highly effective online content.

Online, users don’t have much time to read long stories. They are there to solve their problems. You need to promise them what you want to solve together. They will scan your piece and find out whether the content is relevant to them, or interesting (clickbaits bank here). If it is, they stay. If it is not, they flee (called a bounce).

Creating offline content: attraction, beauty, and sophistication

Offline content is about attractive, beauty, and sophistication. In other words, it’s about real value that readers get. Readers are ready to spend hours scanning through the lines. They are prepared and willing. That’s what makes offline content creation more serious.

You can write stories, you can elaborate, you can stray off track as well – your readers will still complete the piece fully or almost fully. Websites like MyEssayServices strike a balance between such things to write better content.