Celebrity lessons in saving money

Whenever, you sift through the pages of a tabloid magazine, all you can see is excess – celebrities on vacations, celebrities wearing designer clothes, the cars they own and so on. But it takes a whole load of money to maintain that image. Hence, it is not surprising to see some of these celebrities losing and going bankrupt – and from there it is a chaotic roll down the hall of fame.

But there are also some of those celebs who have extremely wise and frugal ways of life and are still rolling in money. It is so refreshing to hear about some who save, live frugally and also give to charity. That should be the way all of us lead our lives.

celeb net worth

Expensive Décor vs DIY’s – Tyra Banks who has a celebnetworth of around $90 million is a complete penny pincher. When she moved in to her TV show offices; she saw the need of a facelift. But she instead took up DIY projects which saved a whole load of money. We can also learn to be frugal with our space. We can update our world with less and more innovative ways. You feel your carpet is worn; use a fresh coat of paint instead. You probably want a pricey cabinet or kitchen floor; you could try DIY from old stuff. By allotting your décor money in the right way, you can stretch those dollars and make yourself comfortable at the same time.

Hand me downs – Hand me downs are not such a bad idea. In fact, they reduce waste and are a great way to save. Sarah Jessica Parker who is known for her incredible fashion sense makes sure that her three kids grow up grounded. They take cast offs from their cousins whether they are sporting gear, bikes or clothes.

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