Beginning of Beyonce career as a songwriter/singer/actress!

Beyonce is a leading American singer, song writer and also an actress. She was born on 4th September 1981. She was born and brought up in Texas. She was passionate about singing from a very young age. She became a public figure in 1990’s when she started singing as a lead singer in the girl-group Destiny Child which she formed by teaming up with her cousin and her classmate.  This group became one of the bestselling groups. The manager of the group was none other than Beyonce’s own father.

Her performance in Austin power in Gold member was critically appreciated. Her first solo performance album “Dangerously in Love” earned her five Grammy award. She continued her acting career. Beyonce was spotted in several films like The Pink Panther, Dream Girl, etc. She got married to Jay-Z in 2008.

 Her journey as a singer:

Beyonce has been giving back to back hits. There is no doubt that he would be giving more in future. Her music is generally R&B. But she doesn’t restrict herself to a particular genre. She incorporates pop, soul and also funk.

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Her net worth according to is 300 billion dollars. It rose even more after her marriage to Jay-Z. In 2002 Beyoncewas the first black woman and also the second lyricist who won the Pop songwriter of the year award at American Society of Composer, Author, and Publisher Pop Music Award.

 Her achievements:

Beyonce’s achievements are definitely worth a mention. She won five Grammy awards for her first solo performance. She has got nominations for various award shows. In addition to her acting and singing career, she also launched her own clothing lines namely House of Dereon with her mother.

In 2010 she bagged six Grammy awards. She also made Forbes top 10 in the entertainment list. Definitely her talent and achievements are worth mentioning. For more financial details on her, richest celebrity biois the link to check out!